About This Website

Being a webmaster by a trade, I decided to setup a website that will shed some light on cellular market and hopefully contribute in preventing big companies ripping off the consumers. You can also post your own review and opinion and read what other have to say, my goal for this website to be very simple and user friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to provide email address to post an article?
So that you can come later on and edit your post. It is also an important step for us in verifying that it is a genuine post submitted by an actual person.

What is your privacy policy?
The information we collect will be used for the purposes of this website only. We will never send any offers to your email address or share it with anyone else. If you order a product via this website please refer to the provider's privacy policy section.

Are you associated with any of the providers?
We are the independent sales affiliate and we get paid the commission through a third party company, but our primary goal is to raise the awareness, educate the consumers and help them find the best offer.

What about the product support?
Any product ordered through this website comes with a full support and manufacturer warranty directly by the service provider. You will be given the customer support contact info in your welcome email message.

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